Senin, November 02, 2009

No New Poverty Program in 2008

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Although has developed various measures to keep the impact of rising world oil prices, the government seems to still be focused on poverty programs before, so the budget has not changed.

"We will look at the existing budget if the budget increase, would be to the House," said Deputy Poverty, Employment and small-medium businesses (SMEs) Widjojo Prasetijono Bappenas in Jakarta on Thursday.

In the 2008 Budget, the government has allocated a budget of about Rp80 trillion poverty for some programs such as poverty, poor rice program (Raskin), School Operational Assistance (BOS), the Family Hope Program (PKH), the National Community Empowerment Program (PNPM), and development programs small micro and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

"Some existing programs in the government work plan (RKP) and medium term development plan (RPJM) is a refinement of the social safety net programs (JPS) is used. Kan previously existing educational subsidies, health subsidies and so forth, but right now been more organized. That's all used, "said Prasetijono.

Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister Bakrie, in separate places, explaining the government tried to maintain the momentum of poverty reduction by implementing key principles, namely reduction of cost of living getting poor community, seek to improve the income of poor communities, and pursue economic stability.

"The government has prepared a four-step anticipation, the stabilization of prices of basic needs, encourage the development of real sector, especially SMEs and agriculture, poverty reduction programs, as well as energy diversification program," he said.

Policy of price stabilization of basic commodities, he said, is achieved by keeping the price of four basic commodities, namely rice, sugar, cooking oil, and kerosene.

While support for the development of real sector, he said, in the form of Instruction 6 / 2007 on the acceleration of the policy of real sector development and empowerment of SMEs, as well as the People's Business Credit program.

For poverty reduction programs, he said, the central government had increased the budget allocation of Rp51 poverty, 7 trillion in 2007 to Rp80 trillion in 2008 to finance the 3 groups of programs, a program of assistance and social protection, community empowerment programs, and community self-reliance programs.