Jumat, Oktober 16, 2009

SMF 2009

JAKARTA. Kadin assess fiscal stimulus policy package in 2009 amounting to Rp 73.3 trillion from the government that the House approved this week was the status of work plan on paper. Before ratified, Kadin need to remind again that if the government does not improve the effectiveness of budget management, stimulus package that would deal with old problems of risk absorption is slow budget.

"Therefore, in order that fiscal stimulus can achieve its main objectives, the absorption of its budget on time and on target," said Bambang Soesatyo, chairman of the Domestic Trade Kadin Indonesia via short messages, Thursday (26 / 2)

Kadin was not bored appealed to the Bank Indonesia (BI) Fiscal stimulus package responding to the 2009 credit policy and the relevant interest rates and direction as support for that fiscal stimulus. Because, until the end of February 2009, the effort to reduce the impact of the crisis we are obviously still contradictory. "The expansionary fiscal with a stimulus, it reduces the monetary side, and even inhibit targets that fiscal stimulus," he said

Fiscal stimulus in 2009 allocated a budget of Rp 12.2 trillion for the realization of infrastructure projects. Very decisive role of the private sector. With mortgage interest rates higher working capital today, the private sector would be wrapped in doubt. Moreover, there is a risk the slow absorption from the government budget.

Two of these factors has the potential to disrupt the cash flow of private partners. If the private sector's role minimal, realization of infrastructure projects will not reach its target. Thus, the effectiveness of Fiscal Stimulus 2009 will be reduced.

Socialization Fiscal Stimulus 2009 charges were assessed as in fragments. The public only knew about the content of the budget allocation for infrastructure projects (government expenditures) plus a target opening of 2.4 million new jobs. "But, we do not get a piece of the strategy to encourage private consumption. We only know that the civil servants salaries and the military / police will be raised and policies Article 25 income tax cuts," explained Bambang

In addition to creating new jobs, SMF 2009 should also focus on efforts to boost consumption and lower production costs for the real sector.

Yohan Rubiyantoro

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